Papa's Games

Papa's games are a series of cooking and restaurant management games. Get ready to become a chef and a restaurant owner. Cook tasty dishes for hungry customers. The papa series surely bring fantastic cooking challenges and cool gameplay. Now you can dive into the world of Papa's Games and enjoy every released title online for free! We bring all of the culinary challenges and adventures from the Papa's Games series in one place!

A brief history of Papa's Games - the best cooking game series

Papa Louie game history

Papa's games were created by Flipline Studios, an American game development company founded by Matt Neff and Tony Solary in 2004. Papa's Pizzeria is the first "Game-ria" in the series released in 2007. After that, new titles have been developed every year. Each tile introduces a different culinary theme. Come and try making a wide range of dishes. Burgers, tacos, pancakes, pasta, sushi, sandwiches, ice cream, and more!

The basic mechanics of the Papa Louie games? Taking orders, preparing dishes, and tasty treats, and serving customers! Run the restaurants for Papa Louie. Players can experience different themes, menus, characters, and storylines. New games bring a new theme and challenges. Players will feel fresh and keep coming back for new experiences. The series still win the hearts of players even when it was released a really long time ago. 

Fans of cooking and restaurant management games? Dream of managing your own restaurant and creating tasty treats? Play Papa's Games! Lots of fun awaits!

The list of Papa's games according to the release date order:

  • Papa Louie: When Pizzas Attack! - 2006
  • Papa's Pizzeria - 2007
  • Papa's Burgeria - 2010
  • Papa's Taco Mia! - 2011
  • Papa's Freezeria - 2011
  • Papa's Pancakeria - 2012
  • Papa's Wingeria - 2012
  • Papa's Hot Doggeria - 2012
  • Papa Louie 2: When Burgers Attack! - 2013
  • Papa's Cupcakeria - 2013
  • Papa's Pastaria - 2013
  • Papa's Donuteria - 2014
  • Papa Louie 3: When Sundaes Attack! - 2015
  • Papa's Cheeseria - 2015
  • Papa's Bakeria - 2016
  • Papa's Sushiria - 2016
  • Papa's Scooperia - 2018
  • Papa's Mocharia To Go! - 2021

How to play Papa's games?

Papa Louie (an Italian chef, the owner of the restaurant and his loyal workers are the main casts of the series. Players will become a chef and a restaurant manager. Take orders from the customers, cook the food by working in different stations, and then serve the best food as quickly and accurately as possible to hungry customers. Run the restaurant, make the customers happy with your food and service!

Unique challenges in each Papa's game

Each one features different stations that you - a chef need to work with. The Order Station is where you take orders and note down their requests. Other stations feature cooking tools and ingredients that you need to use to create food items. For example, the Grill Station in Papa's Burgeria can be used to grill items. The Top Station in Papa's Cupcakeria is where you add toppings like syrups, crams, and final touches to the food items. The Mix Station is where you blend, mix different ingredients. The Build Station in Papa's Freezeria is where you add different mixables and syrups to sundaes. You must manage them efficiently to satisfy the customers and earn high scores.

You will earn tips and rewards based on your performance. What factors will decide your rewards? The food quality, the speed of the service, and the customer satisfaction! Rewards can be used to buy new ingredients, upgrades, and decorations for the shop and characters. You can also unlock new recipes and ingredients.

Steps to play

1. Start the day! Take orders from customers and note them down.

2. Follow the recipe and work with different stations to prepare the food.

3. Serve it to the customers.

4. Earn tips and rewards to unlock ingredients and upgrade the restaurants with decorations and equipment.

5. Level up and grow the shop.

Game Features

A series of culinary theme

List of papa's games

Flipline Studios has developed an extensive range of cooking games for players. Different Papa's game come with different flavors. You can experience crafting delicious pizzas, and preparing juicy burgers. Or if you are a fan of desserts, try making frozen desserts or tasty tacos. Each one offers unique challenges. Serve the customers with the best food!

A wide range of characters

The colorful cast of characters is one of the highlight points of the Papa Louie games series. Each character in the game has unique culinary tastes and personality traits.

Some of the notable characters are:

Papa Louie - The main protagonist and the owner of all restaurants in the series.

Taylor - A worker at Papa's Hot Doggeria restaurant - a young and adventurous boy who loves baseball and video games.

Rita - A worker at Papa's Taco Mia. She is a cheerful and energetic girl.

Cooper: One of the workers at Papa's Pancakeria. He is a calm and laid-back boy who loves animals and nature. He has a pet cat named Cookie, who often accompanies him to work

,... and many other characters like Chuck, Mandi, Prudence, and more.

A cast of unique customers

Papa's Freezeria customers

In Papa's games, players must interact with different customers. They also have their own personality and food preferences. That's the challenging part of the series. When you progress in the game, you will meet picky customers who give complex orders. Work hard and try to serve their orders as accurately and quickly as you can to earn more tips. Make the customers happy!

Some tips to win Papa Louie games series!

Here are some tips to help you overcome the Papa's games challenges from Flipline Studios.

Manage your time: Pay close attention to the customer orders and know which order you should prioritize first. Some orders take more time to complete than others.

Master the art of working with different stations: Each one serves certain purposes and you have to use the right tools and ingredients.

Upgrade the restaurant - Unlock new items, hire employees, and buy new equipment to improve your service and satisfy the customers. 

Upgrade multi-task skills 

Game FAQs

What was the first Papa's game?

Papa Louie: When Pizzas Attack is the first Papa game released in 2007 (over a decade ago). Help Papa Louie rescue his customers from evil pizzas and other food enemies!

Papa's Pizzeria is the first part of the Game-ria series released in 2007.

Where to play Papa's games without flash? brings all of the Papa's games free, fully unblocked, without Flash to players. Since the discontinuation of Flash in 2020, we have worked hard to make all of the games playable online on your browser, without the need for Flash support.

What are the best Papa's Games?

Some of the most popular papa's games to play are:

1. Papa’s Freezeria
2. Papa's Pizzeria
3. Papa’s Hot Doggeria
4. Papa's Burgeria
5. Papa's Scooperia


Papa's games bring players the best culinary experience, cooking, and restaurant management challenges. Visit our website and join Papa Louie and his workers in their culinary adventure now and have a blast with Papa's games! It's fun and free to play! All of the greatest games and latest games are available for free!