Papa's Pizzeria

Welcome to the first game in the Papa Louie series. Papas' Pizzeria is set in the town of Tastyville where players transform into a chef and a restaurant manager to serve the best pizza to the customers! Take orders, serve the dishes accurately and quickly, earn tips, and upgrade your restaurant!

How to play Papa's Pizzeria game

Game plot

You are a new employee at the famous pizza restaurant Papa's Pizzeria. You can choose to play as Roy or Joy. You will start your job at a pizza shop in Tastyville and try to take care of the restaurant while Papa Louie is out of town. This job requires the waiter's agility. You will have to run this restaurant without the owner here. Now you have to serve demanding customers.

Game missions

You need to comply with the customer's request. In addition, you need to do it quickly because these guests do not have the patience to wait long. You must try to make your customers happy and reward you with tips.


Customers will come to the counter to order pizza. Customer requests regarding specific details such as cake size, quantity, filling type, and baking time must be carefully recorded.

At the Topping station, you will be topping the pizza. For each piece of cake, you must choose the appropriate type and amount of filling. In addition, you must spread the topping evenly across the surface of the cake.

At the Bake station, you will bake pizza. The pizza needs to be put in the oven and you have to wait for the indicator light to indicate the desired baking level set by the customer. It is important to monitor the baking time to avoid overcooking or undercooking the cake.

At the Cutting station, you will cut the pizza. For each pizza, you must choose the appropriate style and number of slices. To get beautiful slices of cake, the cake must also be cut evenly and straight.

Customers will be served pizza by you at the Order counter. Depending on how satisfied your customers are with your pizza, you will receive tips and ratings.

Papa's Pizzeria game simulates a lively pizza restaurant space with 2D graphics. The main characters including Roy or Joy look very cute.

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