Papa’s Spaghetteria

Introducing Papa's Spaghetteria game

Welcome to start work at the famous noodle restaurant called Papa's Spaghetteria. In this game, you take on the job of a chef. Let's prepare delicious noodles!

The main dish in Papa's Spaghetteria

This restaurant specializes in serving noodles. There are 2 types you can choose from: noodles and pasta. They are all the most popular types of noodles. You can prepare a great noodle dish for your customers with the store's ingredients.

Game missions

You are a chef preparing noodles for customers. It would be best to prepare a plate of noodles according to the customer's requirements. To achieve this. You need to pay attention to the time it takes to boil the noodles and the ingredients that come with the noodles.

Noodle making process in Papa's Spaghetteria

Like other games of the same genre, you need to receive orders from customers.

Then you start making noodles. First, you choose noodles or pasta to boil. You need to pay attention to the timing of this step. The quality of the noodles greatly determines the quality of this dish.

Then you choose tomato sauce or white sauce to pour over the noodles.

Next, sprinkle cheese powder on top. Then you add mushrooms or meatballs to the plate. Be sure to place them in the correct position marked on the noodle plate.

After completing the plate of noodles. You proceed to bake bread. Bread is often eaten with this delicious noodle dish.

Finally, you put the toasted bread on the noodle plate. Bring the dish you just finished preparing for your customers to enjoy.

If you haven't got a high score. Please try for the next customers.

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