Papa's Sushiria

Take on the role of a restaurant server in Papa's Sushiria game! Your mission is to make the right sushi for customers to help them have a delicious meal.

About Papa's Sushiria game

Introducing Sushi from Papa's Sushiria restaurant

Your restaurant wants to expose people to rich cuisine from many parts of the world. That is the reason they chose Sushi as the main dish of Papa's Sushiria restaurant. Sushi is a dish originating from Japan. It has ingredients including rice mixed with vinegar, often with added sugar and salt, along with many other ingredients, such as vegetables, and meat. But the most popular is seafood. This dish is loved by many people because of its beautiful decoration and unique flavor.

Game characters

The restaurant's wait staff are Matt and Clover. You can choose one of these two characters to start your job at the restaurant.

You can also create your character.

How to make sushi in the game Papa's Sushiria

You must pay attention to the type of rice, seafood, and ingredients that customers want when ordering.

Then you switch to the rice cooking station. You need to choose the right type of rice and put it in the pot. The rice must then be cooked by pressing the start button. You need to pay attention to how long you should cook rice, medium or short.

When the rice is cooked, it should be removed from the pot and transferred to a plate. You have to cover the plate with rice to make sure it doesn't slide off.

Next, you move on to the sushi rolling station. You must choose the right type of fish and place it on the seaweed sheet. Next, the sushi must be rolled by placing the rice on top of the seaweed and pressing the roll button. It is important to consider the amount of fish and rice contained in the sushi - it can be small, medium, or large.

The next thing you need to do is cut the sushi. Sushi needs to be cut into small pieces using straight finger movements. Number of pieces of sushi requested by the customer. Could be four, six, or eight pieces.

Finally, you need to proceed to the area to decorate. Sushi needs to be covered with sauce, vegetables, and other ingredients. The ingredients must be placed in the center of the sushi and placed in the correct order.

When the sushi-making steps are completed, you bring it out to serve customers.

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