Papas Cupcakes Cooking

About Papas Cupcakes Cooking

If you love cute cupcakes, the game Papas Cupcakes Cooking is for you. In this game, you have the job of making cupcakes to serve customers.

Game genre

Papas Cupcakes Cooking game belongs to the first-person baking game genre. You will be doing all the work to create a lovely cupcake. This game is suitable to play whenever you are free. It brings a sense of light entertainment.

Game missions

You are responsible for being a chef at a crowded cupcake shop. You need to do all the steps yourself to create delicious cupcakes to serve customers.

Steps to make cupcakes

  • First, you need to choose the necessary ingredients. To make the bread part of a cupcake requires many different ingredients. They include. Wheat flour, sugar, butter, eggs, milk,...
  • Then you move on to the step of mixing the ingredients. You just need to put each ingredient into the mixer. Then start the mixer.
  • Next comes the baking step. You need to arrange the cupcake cups on the baking tray. Then you pour the cake mixture into each cup. Put the tray in the microwave and turn on the oven to start baking.
  • When you have finished baking the cake, take it out and start decorating. Decorate them according to customer requirements. Pay attention to the color of the cup, the type of cream, and the sweets decorated on the cake.
  • Once you've finished decorating, give the cake to your customer.
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