Papa's Taco Mia

Features of Papa's Taco Mia

Cook delicious tacos directly in the game Papa's Taco Mia. In this game, you play as a talented chef at a famous taco shop. Please satisfy all customers!

Introducing tacos

Papa's Taco Mia Restaurant is a restaurant that specializes in serving tacos. One of our favorites is the taco. This cake is a classic Mexican dessert. Cornstarch or flour is the main ingredient in tacos because it creates a crispy outer shell. This cake offers endless options for its filling. Usually, it consists of tomato sauce, cheese, meat, and vegetables. Hot peppers, an essential spice in Mexican cooking, are served with tacos.

Game characters

The game includes 2 main service staff. You can choose one of them and start your Taco making business

  • Male waiter: Mitch
  • Female waitress: Maggie

Game missions

You must satisfy customers with tacos that are prepared according to their specifications and requirements.

How to make tacos

Take orders from other patrons in the lobby by going to the Order Station.

Meats must be cooked, flipped, and sliced at the Grill Station before being poured into taco shells. To avoid burnt or undercooked meat, you must pay attention to the color and grilling time of the meat.

Next, you continue to the Construction Station to add your choice of toppings to your delicious tacos. Your task is to evenly combine the vegetables, cheese, and sauce to suit your customers' needs.

Finally, serve the tacos to customers and monitor the results. Three factors will determine your rating: accuracy, speed, and customer satisfaction. As you progress, you'll receive more badges and tips.

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