Papa’s Canibalia

Introducing Papa's Canibalia game

Continue to experience the journey of becoming a chef in the game Papa's Canibalia. In this game, you play as a burger shop employee. Try to make delicious burgers!

Game genre

Papa's Canibalia game belongs to the cooking game genre combined with restaurant management. This game will let you experience what it's like to be a waiter.


The dish you directly make in this game is a burger. This is a dish loved by many people because it has a delicious taste. In addition, a burger also has complete nutrition for a meal.

Game characters

You can choose to be a male waiter named Marty or a female waiter named Rita. Additionally, you can play as the owner of Papa Louie store.

Burger making process

In the game Papa's Canibalia, the restaurant has all the cake ingredients. These raw materials have been processed cassava. You just need to receive orders from customers. Then you perform the job of sandwiching the cake as requested in the application. The steps to make burgers are carried out according to the following process:

At Grill station: You are famous for fried pate. During this step, you need to pay attention to time. When you have enough time, you need to start making pate immediately. If you delay, the pate will burn. And the burger wouldn't be up to par.

At Build station: You choose the fillings according to the customer's order. Fillings include Tomatoes, snack vegetables, cucumbers, and cheese pieces. Then you proceed with the kp filling and spraying sauce process. Sauces include ketchup, mustard, mayo, and BBQ. Note that you need to choose the correct type of customer to order.

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