Papa's Confectioneria

Introducing Papa's Confectioneria game

Welcome to the amazing baking game called Papa's Confectioneria. In this game, you can make delicious tarts to serve customers. Make customers happy!

Restaurant's cakes

In the game Papa's Confectioneria, you make tarts according to customers' requests. Tart is a type of baked goods that many people love. It has a crispy crust and soft filling. To have the required tarts is not an easy task. You need to perform each step as accurately as possible.

Game graphics

Papa's Confectioneria game has similar graphics to the games in the Papa Louie series. The characters, customers, and restaurants are all very familiar to players who are fans of this game genre.

Steps to make tarts

First, you receive orders from customers.

Then you start making the tart. There are many types of cake bases including apple flavor, strawberry flavor, and cereal flavor. Please choose a type of cake base and choose a type of baking paper with the correct pattern according to the customer's request. Next, you start baking. Wait until the oven tells you the cake is done, then take it out.

Next comes the decoration stage. You cover the cake with a layer of syrup. Tart syrups include chocolate, vanilla, and cherry. Please choose the correct type of syrup in the customer's order. Then you skillfully spray them according to the instructions.

Finally, you decorate the surface of the tart. You choose banana slices, cherries, grated chocolate, and peanuts. Or maybe fresh ice cream includes vanilla ice cream and chocolate flavor ice cream. Please choose the correct type according to the customer's order.

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