Papa's Mocharia

About Papa's Mocharia

If you are a coffee lover, the game Papa's Mocharia is for you. You will experience making coffee at a famous coffee shop. Try to please customers!

Game plot

With a passion for coffee flavor, you have learned professional coffee-making skills. After graduating from the bartending course. You go to work at Papa's Mocharia coffee shop in New Pepperton. Here you have to prepare coffee, especially Papaccino. In addition, you also need to know how to make sweet dishes like cannoli.

Game genre

This game belongs to the time management genre. This game has you handling orders, making coffee, and serving desserts.

Game characters

You will be chosen as one of two main characters, Akari or Allan. But you can create your character.

How to make coffee in Papa's Mocharia

  • First, you take orders from customers and record the specifications of their coffee cups. You have to determine exactly what kind of coffee, milk, pigment, and syrup they want in it.
  • Next, you go to the Brew Station to make coffee, foamed milk, and steamed milk. To make the right type and quantity of coffee, use a coffee maker. To warm and froth milk to the right consistency, use a milk steamer.
  • Then you go to the Build Station and pour pigment, coffee, and milk into a large cup. Use the mouse to drag and drop ingredients into the glass in the appropriate ratio and order. You can also add desserts such as cakes, cookies, or ice cream to your coffee depending on each customer's request.
  • After making coffee, you give it to customers for them to enjoy and you take money from them.
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