Papa Louie Pals

About Papa Louie Pals

Papa Louie Pals is a fun sandwich-making game not to be missed. You are a sandwich shop owner. Make delicious sandwiches for your customers' breakfast.

Game graphics

This game has completely new graphics. You will not see familiar characters like Papa Louie games. You will serve customers from a first-person perspective.

Sandwich characteristics

This is a dish loved by many people. You will have a quick and nutritious breakfast when you eat a sandwich. The cake is made from 2 slices of bread. In the middle are sandwiched other ingredients including vegetables and meat.

How to play Papa Louie Pals game

Customers come to the store and click on the word Take Order. They will then say what toppings they need for their sandwich.

Then you start making cakes according to customer requirements. Note that at this stage you need to focus on arranging the ingredients. You need to choose the right types of ingredients and arrange them in the correct order as requested by the customer. Then you spray soy sauce on the cake. Finally, you give the delicious sandwich to the customer to enjoy.

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