Papa's Scooperia

Start Papa's Scooperia game to create amazing cakes for your customers. In Papa's Scooperia game, you play as an employee of the famous Scooperia bakery. Try to please your guests.

About Papa's Scooperia Game

Introducing Scoopers Cakes

A Scooperia cake is a cake made with cream and cookies, often covered in syrup, sprinkles, and other decorations. The specialty dish of Papa's Scooperia ice cream shop is Scooperia cake.

How to play Papa's Scooperia game

You have the option of playing Carlo Romano, Koilee, or Papa Louie in the game Papa's Scooperia. You have the duty of a quick waiter. Make delicious Scooperia cakes for the store's customers. There are three main tasks you need to complete: Taking orders, baking cookies, and making ice cream.

Receive and process orders from customers at the order counter. Customer preferences regarding ice cream flavor, cookie type, and other ingredients must be recorded.

Next, you go to the cookie-making station. You must choose the right cookie dough. The dough must then be tapped to incorporate ingredients such as chocolate, almonds, or sweets. To bake a cake, you must finally drag the dough into the oven.

Then you go to the ice cream station. To form ice cream balls to spread on cookies. You must choose the appropriate cream and pull it in a circular shape. To make sure the frosting doesn't fall off the cookies, you must line it.

The final step is decoration. The cake needs to be topped with syrup, sprinkles, and other ingredients. The ingredients must be placed in the center of the cake and placed in the correct order.

Once you've finished making the Scooperia cake, give it to your customer.

It is important to consider the customer's choices and comply with their wishes. Additionally, you can play mini-games, buy upgrades, and get stickers and badges.

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