Papa Louie Mountain Adventure

Features of Papa Louie Mountain Adventure

The game Papa Louie Mountain Adventure is an adventure in a high-altitude rocky world. You need to deal with the vegetables that come to life to conquer each level.

Game plot

Papa Louie is a famous restaurant owner and chef. One day, he decided to go to a distant mountain to search for mysterious gold coins. But fierce plant monsters have now invaded the mountain. To save these mountain people, Papa Louie must fight them.

Game graphics

This game has towering mountain peaks, freezing caves, and lush green woods.

How to play Papa Louie Mountain Adventure

  • You control your chef's movement in this game by using the arrow keys. The right arrow controls the chef to run to the right. Arrow lights left to control him to run left. Up arrow to control him to jump or climb ladders. down arrow used to control him down the ladder.
  • You can control your network number in the right corner of the screen. You have 3 lives in total. If you use them all up, you will have to start over.
  • To ensure your life, you need to stay away from living things. If they touch you, you will lose a life. You can avoid them by jumping or attacking before they get close to you.
  • You can attack raw vegetables in many ways. Press the Z key to punch. Press the X key to throw the northern pepper jar.
  • Don't forget to collect hearts so you have more chances.
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