Papa's Paleteria

Introducing Papa's Paleteria game

Start working as an ice cream restaurant bartender in Papa's Paleteria game. Your mission is to make ice cream cups that meet customers' requests.

Ice cream from Papa's Paleteria

This Shop serves delicious and beautiful ice cream cups. This food is one of the snacks that many people like on summer days. Sweet ice cream will help improve anyone's mood. Try to serve the store's customers most thoughtfully.

Game characters

This game has two main characters, Alberto and Penny. You can choose one of these characters to start your job at Papa's Paleteria ice cream shop.

Steps to complete an ice cream cup

  • First, you receive your order from the counter. Customers will clearly state their request for a cup of whipped cream. About the ice cream flavor, the type of fruit used, the type of ice cream topping, the decorations on the ice cream,...
  • Next, you will proceed to make ice cream according to the customer's requirements. You beat the cream with the fruit the customer requested. Have
    The two main flavors are strawberry and chocolate. Note that you mix the cream according to the time on the invoice. Ice cream mixing time that is too long or too short will make customers unhappy.
  • Then you go to the stage of decorating the ice cream cup. You squirt fresh cream onto the ice cream cup. Pay attention to moving the spray bottle so that the fresh cream evenly covers the cup. Then you add syrup, candy, cookies, cherries,... to decorate.
  • After completing a cup of ice cream according to the bill, move the cup of ice cream to the counter. Wait for customers to enjoy and quote a price for your ice cream.
  • If you are not appreciated. Try to do it right and be more skillful with the next guests.
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