Papa's Potateria

About Papa's Potateria

Papa's Potateria game is a restaurant management game created by fans of the Papa's series. You play the role of a potato and fried chicken waiter at a theater.

Game characters

You can choose one of two familiar characters: Chuck and Mandi. Like other games, you can create your character.

Game missions

In the game Papa's Potateria, you play as a cafeteria worker at the Sugarplex Theater. Here you will serve fries and chicken wings to concertgoers.

Game request

You must make fried chicken or french fries according to the customer's request. The amount you receive will correspond to the level of customer satisfaction.

Customer service process in Papa's Potateria

  • The first step is to receive orders from customers. Then everything will be recorded in the invoice.
  • Then you bring the receipt with you. Start working step by step according to the customer invoice.
  • When frying chicken, pay attention to the number of chicken thighs the customer requests. In addition, an important factor you cannot ignore is the time it takes to fry the chicken. Pay attention to the chart on the left of the frying tray to know the required level of doneness. Similarly, you do the same for French fries.
  • Next, you will perform the step of shaking the chicken with the sauce. There are two main types of sauce: BBQ and B. Please look at the order and choose a suitable sauce. Then you proceed to shake them.
  • Next, the step of arranging the chicken on a plate. You will put the chicken in the correct marked positions on the plate. In the middle of the plate is a side salad. Please choose the sauce to pour over this salad.
  • Once completed, a beautiful fried chicken place is created. You can bring them to your customers.
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