Papa Louie Night Hunt

Papa Louie Night Hunt game features

Papa Louie Night Hunt game is the adventurous journey of a famous chef in a mysterious city at night. Try to overcome all the challenges to complete the levels!

Game genre

Papa Louie Night Hunt game is an exciting action-adventure game. This game includes many levels. Each level is a different maze.

Game missions

You need to observe and find your way. Collect the coins and weapons necessary to deal with the vegetable monsters. Complete all 15 levels of the game.

How to play the Papa Louie Night Hunt game

There are two game modes available to you when you start the game: Night Hunt 1 or Night Hunt 2. These are two fascinating parts that need to be explored.

Simple character controls. Papa Louie can be moved in the desired direction using the arrow keys on the keyboard. To attack, press Z. Throw pepper bombs with X. Overcome challenges and collect as many gold coins as possible. People in this area need to be rescued.

To pass each level, you need to understand the principles of this game. You only have 3 lives. So you need to be careful with the monsters and spike traps. Use attacks effectively to destroy them. You can throw pepper bombs or throw punches. But you can also choose a safer way and jump over them.

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