Papa Louie Adventure In Village

About Papa Louie Adventure In Village

The game Papa Louie Adventure In Village is the exciting adventure of Papa Louie. You can explore the peaceful village fantasy world by passing many levels.

Game plot

Papa Louie is a famous restaurant owner and chef. One day, he decided to visit a remote village in search of mysterious gold coins. When Papa Louie gets there, he discovers that his old enemy Radley Madish has released vicious carnivores into the village. Papa Louie must fight the food creatures to save the townspeople from the haunting of Radley Madish.

Game missions

Each level must be explored. At the same time, collect gold coins and stay away from enemies. You will be able to use a variety of weapons, including burgers, pizzas, hammers, and knives.

Game levels

Many characters to unlock. There are 15 levels in total.

Tips in Papa Louie Adventure In Village

You need to investigate every area of the level to find hidden weapons, gold coins, and trapped characters. To upgrade weapons and unlock new characters, you will need a lot of gold.

You should observe the icons on the screen. Such as hearts to represent your health, pizza to indicate how many weapons are left, coins to represent your money, and flags to represent game save points.

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