Papa Louie 2

About Papa Louie 2

An exciting adventure awaits you in the game Papa Louie 2. You are an employee who gets lost in the whimsical world of cakes and conquers each level.

Game characters

You can play as Marty or Rita. In addition, you can create your character.

Game plot

The pizza shop employees were so tired that they fell into a strange dream. You choose one of the two bakery employees and begin a thrilling dream adventure.

Game levels

Papa Louie 2 game includes many levels. It has a total of 28 levels and 9 worlds waiting for you to explore. You can only move to a new level when you find a safe exit. At higher levels, you have to deal with more scary cake monsters.

How to play Papa Louie 2

In this game, the only weapon you are equipped with is a spatula. You can use it to attack those pesky onions and tomatoes. By pressing the spacebar, you will perform a spatula.

In addition, the important thing that determines your adventure journey is your running and jumping skills. You need to know how to control the character intelligently and quickly. You use the arrow keys to control the character moving in the direction you want.

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