Papa Louie Snow Adventure

About Papa Louie Snow Adventure

In the game Papa Louie Snow Adventure you will play the role of Papa Louie on an adventure in the Arctic. Help him get to the warm wooden house on each level.

Game plot

Papa Louie Snow Adventure game simulates an exciting adventure of Papa Louie in the Arctic. He is on a trip to the coldest land in the world. But when he came here, he was surprised to see the appearance of strange creatures. He must try to overcome the demons to reach the station.

Game missions

Papa Louie Snow Adventure game is Papa Louie's journey of discovery in the Arctic. This journey includes 15 challenges corresponding to 15 levels. You need to control him to collect pizzas and pass all these challenges safely.

How to play Papa Louie Snow Adventure

If you have participated in other Papa Louie adventures, you can completely understand the game's rules. But if this is your first time, please read this guide.

  • The arrow keys correspond to the character's movement directions.
  • Press the X key to throw the northern pepper jar. If you have collected a jar of northern pepper, use this attack.
  • The Z key is an attack you can use whenever a demon approaches you.
  • You must deal with enemies such as ice, cookies, and cakes. So it would help if you observed their range of movement.
  • There's another way you can fight them: do jumps. As long as you don't let them touch you, you can preserve Papa Louie's number of lives.
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