Papa's Freezeria

Papa's Freezeria is an exciting ice cream shop management game. You play as a restaurant manager, receive orders from customers who come to the restaurant, make ice creams, and do everything you can to serve customers.

How to play Papa's Freezeria game

To play this game, you need to know some information about it.

Game plot

One of the two new people hired by Papa Louie is you. You are hired to work at an ice cream shop on Calypso Island and you can choose to play as either Penny or Alberto. You were expecting an easy and enjoyable summer vacation, but things didn't turn out that way. You will encounter countless challenges when taking on this job.

Game missions

Serving ice cream to local customers and tourists. You need to work quickly so the customer doesn't get angry. To upgrade your shop, unlock new desserts, and get tips. You have to put in a lot of effort. Can you do this job well?

Game Rules

When customers come and order at the counter, you need to pay attention and take notes. Customer preferences regarding flavors, toppings, and ice cream cups must be accurately recorded.

At the Build station, ice cream will be poured into cups. The filling level of the ice cream cup must be changed according to customer requirements. In addition, you must choose the appropriate flavor and amount of ice cream for each cup.

At the Mix station, you will mix the ice cream. The cup of ice cream needs to be put into the mixer and you have to wait for the indicator light to indicate the customer's preferred mixing level. To avoid making the cream too thick or too liquid, you must also pay attention to the amount of mixing time.

At the Top station, coatings are added one by one. For each cup of ice cream, you must choose the appropriate type and amount of topping. In addition, you must add the appropriate quantity and arrangement of side dishes such as nuts, fruits, or candy.

Customers will be served cakes by you at the order counter. Based on how satisfied your customers are with your ice cream, you will receive advice and reviews.

Tips for you

To save time when making ice creams, you should familiarize yourself with the placement of the toppings. In addition, you must add the appropriate amount of topping according to the customer's request.

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