Papa's Sliceria

Introducing Papa's Sliceria

Papa's Sliceria is a fun online game in the Papa Louie cooking game series. Let's start a completely new restaurant service mission in this game.

Play as a character

In the game Papa's Sliceria you will play the role of a restaurant waiter serving cream-covered cupcakes. This job is quite simple because you are given specific step-by-step instructions. You just need to combine your ingenuity to make a delicious and beautiful cake.

Interesting things

Papa's Sliceria game lets you experience an interesting job. Through this game, you know the steps to complete a delicious cream-covered cake. You can play this game whenever you have free time. In addition to this, you can make other dishes in the series of Papa Louie chef games.

The process of making cream-covered cakes

Some customers come to the counter, then they will order. All their requests are recorded on the invoice. You use it to start processing.

During the manufacturing process, you start performing the steps one after another. First, you will put the dough in a cup to bake.

After baking the cake, you can start decorating. You spray fresh cream on top of the cake cup. In addition, you need to decorate other things that the customer requests in the invoice. You just need to place them in the correct default position on the invoice.

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