Papa's Rameneria

Game features

Papa's Rameneria game lets you experience the work of a chef in a restaurant with many types of noodles. Try to make the noodle dishes that best satisfy customers' wishes!

Introducing Papa's Rameneria restaurant

This eatery is located next to a park and church in a busy neighborhood. The restaurant's name is written on a red and white sign with a picture of a bowl of noodles. The restaurant's interior is large and airy, with a bar, kitchen area, and lots of tables and chairs.

Stations in Papa's Rameneria

Order Station, Noodle Station, Broth Station, and Build Station are the four main stations in this game. In addition to taking orders from customers, you'll need to boil noodles, choose broth, and add extras like eggs, meat, and vegetables.

Game characters

The game has two service characters, Doan and Utah. If you want to use another character then you can create your own.

Customer service process at Papa's Rameneria

  • Order Station: Customer orders including the type of noodles, broth, quantity, and type of ingredients will be placed here. Based on this menu, you will easily make dishes according to customers' requests.
  • Noodle Station: Here, you will cook noodles according to customer requests. Please choose the type of noodle according to the customer's request. To avoid overcooking, look at the customer's order receipt. Once the noodles are cooked to the required level, take them out.
  • Broth Station: This is where you choose the broth or sauce for the noodles. It is necessary to add the right type of broth to the bowl of noodles. You have to pour the broth skillfully so it doesn't spill out.
  • Build Station: This is where you add additional items to the noodles. These include vegetables, eggs, and meat. You must choose the appropriate ingredients and place them appropriately on the noodle plate. You include the correct amount and type of toppings your customer requests.
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