Papa's Fruiteria

About Papa's Fruiteria game

Papa's Fruiteria is a fun smoothie-making game for you. You are the owner of a crowded smoothie shop. Try to serve customers the most delicious smoothies.

Delicious and healthy smoothies

For a long time, smoothies have become a favorite drink of many people. A smoothie is a drink made from fresh fruits and accompanying ingredients. It's really good for your health. On hot summer days, drinking smoothies helps quench your thirst and purify your body.

Types of smoothies in Papa's Fruiteria

At your smoothie shop in this game, there are many types of smoothies. Depending on the customer's request, you will combine fresh fruits. Thap Tri also has smoothies that need to be combined with syrup and fresh cream. You need to try to choose fruits that combine and blend them quickly otherwise they will be thrown away.

How to make smoothies in Papa's Fruiteria game

Your job is simple but requires accuracy and speed.

Your smoothie shop includes fresh fruit ingredients such as Strawberries, cherries, pineapples, bananas, kiwis, oranges, and grapes. There are also accompanying items such as apple-flavored syrup, orange-flavored syrup, and fresh cream.

When customers come, look to see what kind of fruit they ask for the smoothie mix. Then you choose those ingredients. Put the anomaly blender in the blender and press the start button. When the blender is finished, give the drink to the customer to enjoy.

If the number of customers buying smoothies is too large, you need to perform these actions quickly. You even need to combine and use both of your blenders at the same time.

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