Papa's Cupcakeria

If you love sweet cupcakes, Papa's Cupcakeria game is for you. In this game, you will experience the job of making cupcakes at a famous and popular bakery.

How to play Papa's Cupcakeria

Game plot

You are a cupcake-baking enthusiast. You just applied for a job that matches your passion. Your job is to work as a waiter at a famous cupcake shop at Whiskview Mall. You are very excited about this but you will have to quickly adapt to the number of customers here.

Game characters

The wait staff at Papa's Cupcakeria includes James and Willow.

You can create another character by naming yourself and choosing your favorite skin for your character.

Game missions

Your task in the game Papa's Cupcakeria is to create cupcakes according to customer requests.

Cake-making process

Receive orders from customers to start your work at Papa's Cupcakeria. Customer requests for specific ingredients, ice cream flavors, and cupcake types must be kept in mind.

Next, you go to the baking counter. Choosing the right cupcake batter is very important. Pay attention to how you take the dough. To form the ideal dough, you must be skillful and follow the correct technique.

The cupcakes must then be baked by pulling the dough into the oven.

Next comes the decorating step. You must choose the appropriate cream. At the same time, the method of covering the cake with cream must also be carefully considered. Use your fingers in circular motions to create a lovely spiral shape with your fingers.

You have to top the cupcake with syrup, sprinkles, and other decorations to add color to the cake.

Finally, you give the lovely cupcake to your customer. You will then receive money and listen to reviews from them.

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