Papa's Rice Cakeria

Introducing Papa's Rice Cakeria game

If you are a cupcake lover then you should try Papa's Rice Cakeria game. Started working as an employee at a famous cupcake shop. Please try to do a good job!

Game genre

Papa's Rice Cakeria game belongs to the genre of baking games combined with restaurant management.

Game missions

In this game, you play as a waiter in a cupcake shop. You need to make cakes that meet customer requirements. Their rating depends on the quality of the cake you make. You need to do it right and decorate it beautifully to get high reviews from customers.

Cupcake-making process in Papa's Rice Cakeria

Each guest will have their request for cupcakes and decorations. Pay attention to their bill. Each guest will order 2 cakes. And separate requirements for each one.

Start baking by choosing a cake cup model and cake base type. Please choose the type of cake base according to the customer's requirements. Then you put two cups of cake in the oven.

Watch the time. You wait for the needle on the measuring bar to reach the done point of the cake to take the cake out. This needs to be accurate because if left too long, the cake will burn.

Then you spray fresh cream on top of the cake. Be very skillful so that the soy cream forms a pyramid. Be sure to choose the type of fresh cream that matches the customer's order bill.

Next, you proceed to decorate the cake. You can pour syrup, sprinkle cookies, and add cherries to complete the cake cup.

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