Papa's Smootheria

About Papa's Smootheria

Papa's Smootheria is one of the restaurant management games. In this game, you serve amazing cups of fresh ice cream to customers. Try to serve customers well!

The restaurant serves ice cream

If you are a lover of sweet, fresh ice cream, this game is for you. You will be able to make your ice cream cups to serve customers.

Game missions

You work as an ice cream shop waiter in the game Papa's Smootheria. Your task is to make ice cream cups according to customer requests. These great guests will enjoy and rate the ice cream you make for them. So try to comply with the request as closely as possible. Note that in addition to doing it right, you need to do things as quickly and save as much time as possible.

Steps to complete an ice cream cup

  • First, you click on "take order" when the customer comes to the ice cream shop counter. Then what the customer says will be automatically recorded into a bill.
  • Next, you start your mixing work. You choose Cup: Choose the type of cup the customer requests. Then pour fresh cream inside.
  • Next, add fresh fruit or chocolate to the cup. Then you use a mixer to mix this fresh cream mixture evenly.
  • After mixing, add a layer of cream to the surface of the mixture. Then you pour strawberry or chocolate syrup on top of this cream layer.
  • Next is the decoration stage. Please look at the order bill to choose the correct decorations. There are decorations including chocolate nuts, candy chips, cookies, and cherries.
  • Complete a complete cup of whipped cream. You put this cup of ice cream out on the counter for customers and wait for their feedback.
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