Papa's Bakeria

Unleash your passion for baking in the game Papa's Bakeria. You play the role of a waiter at a famous and crowded pie shop. Try your best at baking!

About Papa's Bakeria game

Types of cupcakes in this game

The types of cakes in the game Papa's Bakeria are cakes with different crusts and fillings. You can choose from a variety of pie crusts like cinnamon pie, butter pie, coconut pie, and more. It is because of the abundance of this type of cake that Papa's Bakeria restaurant is famous at Whiskview Mall.

Game characters

You can choose one of two waiters, Timm and Cecilia.

Or you can create a custom worker.

How to play Papa's Bakeria game

Your mission is to turn your customers' dream cakes into reality. To do that, you must follow the recipe step by step until your creation is ready to be served. All you need to play this game is mouse operation.

Like all the games in this series! The first thing you need to do is receive your order at the Order Station. To see what people in line want, just click on them. You will then write down a specific description of their cake and get to work making it!

The restaurant area responsible for the basic structure is called the construction station. This is where the filling and crust will be combined. You must read the recipe carefully and follow the customer's instructions! You should also think about how much filler you are using. Remember to check if your cake matches the description.

Then you place the cake in the Baking Station's oven. At this time, its pale color will gradually turn into a beautiful yellow color. But you have to make sure it won't burn! Keeping it too hot will make your dessert go bad.

Tips in Papa's Bakeria game

Because the number of customers coming to the restaurant is very large, you need to know how to manage your time. To do this, you need to master the steps of baking.

In addition to effective time management, you need to upgrade the functionality of your kitchen. It will make your work easier and faster.

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