Papa's Pastaria

Papa's Pastaria is a realistic and fun cooking simulation game. The main dish of the restaurant is spaghetti. Create delicious plates of spaghetti for customers.

About Papa's Pastaria game

Introducing Papa's Pastaria pasta

The pasta dish in the game Papa's Pastaria is a type of dish made from spaghetti. It is prepared from a type of flour that is shaped like a small tube. Pasta can be cooked with water, milk, or sauce, and combined with a variety of meats, vegetables, cheese, and seasonings. The pasta dish originated in Italy but is now popular in many parts of the world. There are many different types of pasta, such as pasta with beef sauce, pasta with cheese sauce, pasta with tomato sauce, etc. Pasta is delicious, nutritious, and easy to eat, so it has become a favorite dish of many people.

Game characters

Doan and Utah are the two main wait staff of the restaurant. You can choose one of these two characters.

In addition, you can also create another character yourself.

How to make pasta in this game

Papa's Pastaria game is a realistic restaurant cooking simulation game from Papa Louie series. So the steps are quite easy to understand.

Receive orders from customers at the counter. Customer preferences regarding noodles, sauces, and other ingredients should be considered.

Next comes the step of cooking the noodles. You need to choose the right type of noodles to start cooking. Next, the noodles must be cooked by pressing the start button. Noodles can take a short, medium, or long time to cook, so keep an eye on that.

You must take the cooked noodles out of the pot and arrange them on a plate. To ensure the noodles don't fall off the plate, you must do this job carefully.

Proceed to the sauce preparation area. You need to fill a bowl with the appropriate sauce. The next step is to put the noodles in the bowl and stir well with the sauce by pressing the mix button. Pay attention to the amount of sauce in the noodles to match the customer's requirements.

Head to the station to decorate. The noodles must be topped with cheese, vegetables, and other ingredients. The ingredients must be placed in the center of the noodles and placed in the correct order.

Once you have completed the delicious noodles, serve them to customers and receive money from them.

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