Baby Hazel Kitchen Time

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Baby Hazel Kitchen Time is a fun cooking game for you. Your mission is You have to help Baby Hazel cook lunch because her parents are away from home.

Game plot

Baby Hazel's cooking is the main theme of the game Baby Hazel Kitchen Time. Hazel is a sweet and inquisitive child. She decided to cook her lunch while her parents were away.

Game missions

Hazel has no skills in cooking, baking, or setting the table. In this game, players will accompany Hazel as she goes shopping for necessary items at the mall, help her cook, and then enjoy the delicious dishes she has made.

Game benefits

In addition to providing a fun cooking experience, the game also aims to teach children time management and basic cooking skills.

The work you need to do

Go to the store with Hazel to buy the necessary kitchen tools and appliances.

Assist Hazel in food preparation by helping her cook apple and pureed vegetable soup.

Arranging the table: Hazel will need your help to decorate and clear the table once the food is ready.

Enjoy your meal: Finally, you'll enjoy a delicious dinner with Hazel's animal companion.

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