Perfect Cream: Dessert Games

The challenge of adding cream to cakes

Start decorating cakes with cream in Perfect Cream: Dessert Games. In this game, you make many sprays of cream on pastries running on the factory line.

Difference in Perfect Cream: Dessert Games

In this game, you only do one step. That is the cake decorating stage. Because this game simulates an industrial cake production process. The cakes are sent along the chain. You need to have agile cream spraying skills to do this job.

How to play Perfect Cream: Dessert Games

This game has many levels. You need to spray cream on the entire cake in the most perfect way to complete the level with a high score.

You will see expressions when you spray frosting on the cake. This corresponds to whether the level of completion is good or not.

The sweet lights continuously move on the chain. You need to be quick to cover them with cream. Otherwise, they will run past you.

At higher levels. You will encounter more challenges. You will need to decorate more cakes. The cake line will operate faster. Be mentally prepared to react quickly.

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