Pancake Run

Create a giant cake pan

Pancake Run is a fun game that combines running and collecting pancakes. Collect as many pancake layers and fruits as possible to reach the finish line.

Game genre

The Pancake Run game is a perfect combination of baking and running themes. This is a unique combination that promises to bring players a new experience.

Game controls

To control the disc's movement direction, press the WASD key or the arrow key.

Game missions

It would help if you tried to move on the road to collect as many pancake slices and fruits. To deliver the pancake to the hungry little red shirt behind the finish line. At the same time, you need to avoid hitting dangerous obstacles. Obstacles such as fences, lakes, chainsaws, rotating columns, etc. All of these obstacles cause you to reduce the number of cakes and fruits you have collected. Try to make as tall a stack as possible. Leave the height of the wheel above the level of the ladder at the finish line and reach the boy.

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Restaurant Games
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