Yummy Chocolate Factory

About Yummy Chocolate Factory game

Start your chocolate-making business in the game Yummy Chocolate Factory. If you love the sweet taste of chocolate, this game is a great suggestion for you.

Game genre

Yummy Chocolate Factory is an entertaining online game that blends the cooking and beauty game genres. Once you're done making the chocolate, you can dress your character in an outfit that enhances her beauty.

Game characters

In Yummy Chocolate Factory, you play the role of a pretty girl. Assist your character in creating the most delicious chocolates.

Steps to make chocolate

Production process: You will be shown the steps of making chocolate. Including selecting premium cocoa beans, sorting on a conveyor belt, mixing with milk and spices, molding and finally creating a beautiful container.

Choosing raw materials is the first step. First, choose premium cocoa beans and place them on the conveyor belt.

Then, you prepare the ingredients: take cocoa beans, wash them, and mix them with milk and sugar in the correct amount to create the ideal mixture.

After completing the process of preparing the ingredients, proceed to shape the chocolate. To press the mixture into suitable shapes, place the mold in it.

Serving and decorating are the final steps. After adding a variety of toppings, you will serve them to your customers.

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