Dessert DIY

Make fruit ice cream

Dessert DIY Is an interesting ice cream-making game. Where you run an ice cream stand and serve your flavors. Make ice cream according to their requests.

Diverse ice cream ingredients

Difficult requests from customers can be fulfilled thanks to a variety of raw materials at the counter. Players can choose from a variety of ingredients such as flour, eggs, milk, chocolate, fruits, spices, etc. to create ice cream dishes that meet customer requirements.

How to play Dessert DIY

First, you receive a request from the customer. Then you start processing. You pour the cream in the box onto the surface. Next, you choose the appropriate syrup. Then you use the spoon to crush the ice cream. Mix them with syrup. Next, spread the mixture evenly on a cold surface. Wait for the mixture to solidify so you can cut them. Use a square cutting tray. Cut the cream layer on the surface into small square pieces. Then use the tool to scoop the ice cream pieces into the cup. The final step is to decorate the ice cream cup beautifully before delivering it to the customer.

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