Penguin Cookshop

About Penguin Cookshop game

Start Penguin Cookshop game to experience penguin restaurant management. You serve demanding penguin guests. Try to make them happy and make money from them.

Game plot

The main character of the game Penguin Cookshop is a gregarious and passionate penguin. He chooses to open a deli on a small island to serve local wildlife, including birds. The player's goal is to develop his store from a small store into a place loved by everyone.

Game missions

Your goal in Penguin Cookshop is to welcome every diner as you open the doors to your awesome igloo-style eatery. Be quick and do your best to avoid making any silly mistakes. Serving every patron who enters the restaurant is your responsibility. Quickly serve them some meals. To ensure they are satisfied, the goal is to do so in the shortest amount of time. Customers can give you coins, which you can use to buy improvements. In addition, you also have time to serve the ball or speed up the penguin's movement speed.

How to play and tips in Penguin Cookshop game

You must know how to play the Penguin Cookshop game and some tips to play.

How to serve customers

  • To receive a customer's order, click on them.
  • Get your food ready: Click on the kitchen station to start cooking.
  • Food delivery: Click on the appropriate customer to deliver food.
  • For each successful service, you will receive coins that can be exchanged for essential features and improvements.
  • As you move through the stages, you'll need to use multitasking and strategic timing to handle increasingly complex customers and orders.

Some tips

  • You need to speed up but don't forget to take into account accuracy. Order errors can lead to customer dissatisfaction.
  • To ensure faster service, update your kitchen equipment regularly.
  • Remember popular orders to speed up service.
  • Observe the customer's patience level. If you keep customers happy, they will spend more.
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