Papa's Restaurant

Introducing Papa's Restaurant

Papa's Restaurant is a fun burger restaurant game. You play as the owner of a famous burger restaurant. You need to make delicious burgers for customers.

Game plot

In this game, you play the role of a burger shop owner. Your bakery is full of customers because the cakes you make are amazing. Try to complete your work well to increase the reputation of the store.

Game graphics

Papa's Restaurant game has cute 2D graphics. It simulates the realistic kitchen space of a burger restaurant.

Your job in Papa's Restaurant

  • First, when customers come, go out to greet them. When they order, they state their burger request.
  • Next, move the burger shells to the oven to grill them.
  • Then you go to the fryer to fry beef pate. When the beef plate is cooked, go to the grill for the burger crust.
  • Next, sandwich the fried pate between two burger crusts.
  • After you finish sandwiching the cake, you need to add chili sauce.
  • Finally, you sell it to your customers, who will pay you in gold coins.

Note that you should not take an excess amount of crust to bake compared to the amount needed to use. Because if you have leftovers, you will have to put them in the trash. This will result in your points being deducted.

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