Penguin Diner

Features of Penguin Diner game

Welcome to the game Penguin Diner - a restaurant business game in the penguin world. You play as Penny and start working as a waitress in your restaurant.

This game is one of the most popular restaurant management games. With the outstanding features of an online game, you will also love it. The game Penguin Diner opens an interesting story in the world of penguins. The simulated birds are extremely cute. They have lives similar to humans. They go to your restaurant. The penguins also want to have a delicious meal at the restaurant.

Characters and game requirements

This game has a main character. It has requirements to achieve high ratings from customers.


You play as a chef penguin named Penny. She is also the owner of this restaurant. Try to serve customers well.

Player's mission

You need to welcome customers. After having their menu. Please quickly go get food according to the menu.

Pay attention to the time and don't take the wrong item. Any guest will get angry if you take too long to get things.

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