Monkey Mart

About Monkey Mart game

Welcome to the barracks management game called Monkey Mart. In this game, you are a monkey who owns a barracks. Try to create a barracks with the most fruits!

Game genre

Monkey Mart belongs to the barracks management game genre. The game is a perfect choice for you in your free time. The game has simple but addictive gameplay and cute graphics that make many people enjoy it.

Game context

Monkey Mart game is set on a beautiful island. This is the living area of the monkey world. You play the role of a smart monkey. He wants to create a farm to trade agricultural products. There are many types of agricultural products you can grow in this game. For example: corn, cashew nuts, almonds, bananas, etc. You can also raise chickens to harvest eggs.

Game missions

Your task in this game is to grow, collect, and sell your agricultural products. This is a series of tasks you need to do. Once you have enough money, hire employees and manage them.

How to play Monkey Mart game

You control the monkey who is the barracks owner. Start growing basic agricultural products. You will gradually have a lot of money from harvesting and selling agricultural products.

Don't forget to continuously sow and harvest so that the number of your plants increases. This will help you speed up the development of the barracks.

After earning enough money, upgrade your skills. Increase your moving speed and increase the amount of things you carry. You will be able to serve customers much more quickly.

Don't forget about the monkeys that disrupt your stall.

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