Burger Bounty

Introducing Burger Bounty game

Burger Bounty is a game that simulates the restaurant management process. You are a restaurant owner and server. Try to create a more developed restaurant.

Game missions

Try to work to expand the scale of your restaurant. Gradually adding tables, food, and staff, you'll expand your restaurant until it's fully staffed and profitable.


  • To control your character around the restaurant, use WASD or the arrow keys.
  • To perform tasks such as clearing tables and serving orders, press the Space key.

Some note

You must keep an eye on the customers throughout the game. They will leave and you won't get your money if you keep them waiting too long.

Some tips for you to serve better

You can change it to make your restaurant look more like home and update it to grow with your business.

Additionally, hoverboard travel is introduced in the game to facilitate your movement around the diner while serving customers, cleaning tables, and making sure everything is working properly.

Star customers are those who especially love your cuisine but are also more picky and impatient. Please them so they can have more opportunities and more money.

By placing your feet on the spots you want to enhance and unlock, you can personalize your burger. The station will be opened or improved if paid.

To double your earnings, tap the $ symbol in the upper right corner. Your income will double during this promotion period.

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