Fast Food: Dumpster Adventure

About Fast Food: Dumpster Adventure game

Accompany the pizza slicer in the exciting adventure of the game Fast Food: Dumpster Adventure. Control the pizza to overcome all the challenges along the way.

Game genre

Fast Food: Dumpster Adventure game is an exciting adventure platform game.

Game plot

The game begins with a piece of pizza being lost in a strange world. Run forward to start this thrilling and risky adventure. There's a lot of food wasted in this nasty world of fast food waste. Your job is to collect resources, develop, and discover a way out.

Control the pizza slice

  • Press A/D or left/right arrows to move
  • Press F key to shoot
  • Press the Space bar key to jump. Perform a high jump by pressing the spacebar twice in succession.
  • To transform press the Y key
  • To aim up, press the W key or the up arrow
  • To look down press the S key or the down arrow

Character's skills

You are not just a pizza, you have a lot of special abilities. You can shoot pepperoni and double-jump at your opponents! Take advantage of your special abilities to complete whatever it takes to get to the next oven, such as eating mushrooms to get stronger, dodging flying fried chicken, avoiding bombs from burgers, dodging acid sprays from Soda Monster, etc. You can evolve into a Super Pizza Slice and explode more dangerous ingredients if you consume enough glowing mushrooms!

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