Papa's Tea Mia

About Papa's Tea Mia game

Papa's Tea Mia is an interesting game with the theme of tea shop management. In this game, you will welcome and serve customers who come to the store for drinks.

Game graphics

Papa's Tea Mia game has characters inspired by lovely dolls. The game graphics are designed in a lovely style. The restaurant space is reminiscent of familiar cartoons.

Game characters

In the game Papa's Tea Mia there are 2 serving characters. You are allowed to control both of them at the same time. A Waiter stands at the counter to welcome customers. Another waiter is responsible for bringing the menu back to the customer.

How to play Papa's Tea Mia game

This game has detailed instructions for you. You just need to use the mouse to select items for guests.

You need to note a few things:

When customers arrive, quickly invite them into the tea room. by left-clicking on the empty tea room. If you don't ignore them quickly, they will get angry and leave.

When guests enter the tea room, quickly bring the drink menu to them. Click on the menu so the character can get the menu. Then click on the tea room where a customer needs it.

The restaurant has drinks including tea, coffee, and orange juice. Pay attention to what drinks customers order to promptly serve them. This operation also needs to be done quickly because customers do not like to wait too long.

After customers finish their drinks, they pay and leave. You can continue to serve new customers in that tea room.

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