Yummy Cupcake

About Yummy Cupcake game

Yummy Cupcake is a fun baking game with many stages. You will experience the working process in a cupcake shop. Start to experience this fun game.

Game graphics

This game has 3D graphics that make everything realistic. The game's colors are a bright, eye-catching color scheme. Fun sound effects are also a highlight that makes players excited.

Game missions

Your task in the game Yummy Cupcake is to perform the tasks in each item in turn. When starting the game, the system will automatically take you to these stages.

Steps in the game Yummy Cupcake

The first step is to clean the restaurant. You need to do tasks like sorting trash. Each type of trash corresponds to a different trash can. Don't put trash in the wrong bin. Then you will clean the floor surface and dining table. Next, you will fix the table with a screwdriver. And finally, replace the table surface with a new one.

The second step is sorting baking paper. Choose paper cups that correspond to the boxes to classify them.

The next steps will be the stages of completing a baked cake and decorating them.

The final step is that you serve pies to customers and receive money from them.

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