Papa's Rolleria

About Papa's Rolleria game

Welcome to the exciting sushi-making game called Papa's Rolleria. In this game, you take steps from preparing ingredients to preparing and rolling sushi.

Game genre

Papa's Rolleria game belongs to the cooking game genre that many people love. You will do all the work to complete a sushi dish. The work you need to do ranges from processing ingredients to rolling ingredients into sushi.

Style play

Papa's Rolleria game has simple gameplay like other games of the same genre. You are the chef. You control the character in a first-person perspective. You can cook in an airy kitchen space in your home.

Steps to complete sushi

To complete sushi you have to do a lot of work. The ingredients for this dish are quite numerous. It will take you time to process each ingredient one by one. But don't worry, you will be guided step by step. You need to follow the instructions to complete this dish.

First, you need to take rice, wash the rice, and then put the rice in. After the rice is cooked, take the rice into a bowl and mix it with spices. These spices also need to be cooked in a pan before mixing with the rice.

Then you proceed to peel and chop the vegetable ingredients. Includes carrots, avocado, cucumber, squash, etc.

Next, you proceed to roll the sushi. First, you spread the rice, then a seaweed leaf, but the last ingredients are chopped finely. When you have finished arranging the ingredients on the rolling curtain, you do the rolling job.

Then you use a knife to cut the sushi into 4 pieces and place them on the plate. Finally, pour soy sauce and mustard into a small bowl. So your work is done!

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