The Smurfs Cooking

Introducing The Smurfs Cooking game

Join the Smurf-themed cooking game called The Smurfs Cooking now. You play as the owner of a restaurant that serves food to other Smurfs in a beautiful village.

Game theme

Almost everyone is familiar with the famous cartoon character Smurf. The theme of this game is cooking in the adorable Smurf village. This will be a new and interesting experience for you when cooking.

Missions in the game

You run a food stand where Smurf can get food directly from you. You have to fill orders quickly so you can serve them when they arrive and order food or drinks. They'll give you the blueberries when they're done eating.

The food at your stall

You have been assigned the task of providing food for the Smurfs at the village fair. In this time management game, you have to get the Smurf village ready for a big food festival.

You will prepare dishes including donuts, pancakes, and cupcakes. Use jams and frosting to decorate cakes, cookies, and muffins. You can offer the Smurfs imaginatively decorated cakes and pastries. In addition to cakes, you also need to prepare tea and juice as part of the menu.

Serving the right dishes for each customer while ensuring it doesn't take too much time is extremely important. The most important thing is to quickly serve the waiting Smurfs.

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