Halloween Cooking

About Halloween Cooking game

Welcome to the spooky world of the Halloween Cooking game. You will play the owner of a direct-service food stall. Try to serve strange guests!

Game genre

As its name suggests, this game combines the cooking game genre and the Halloween theme. This is a multi-level cooking game. The characters and dishes in this game are all modeled after a dark theme.

Game missions

You are a food stall owner in a spooky world. You need to serve any customer who visits your stall. Your guests are dark monsters with scary costumes. Try to serve them as quickly as possible before they get angry.

How to play Halloween Cooking game

From the ingredients available at the counter, you will begin to prepare a custom dish according to the customer's request.

Your stall serves both food and drinks. The food you will prepare in a pan. drinks you will use a blender.

The operation is effortless. You use the mouse to select ingredients and wait until the dish is cooked. Pay attention to the doneness line on the dish. Please remove the dish from the plate promptly or the dish will burn.

Customers will come to the counter continuously. It would be best if you tried to perform food processing operations quickly. Do it continuously. You can make dishes or drinks in advance even if customers haven't ordered them yet.

At higher levels, customers will order new types of dishes. So it would be best if you concentrated on working quickly and accurately.

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