Cooking Live

About Cooking Live game

Cooking Live is a fun live cooking game. You are a store owner that serves food and drinks. You must make dishes for customers right at the counter.

Game genre

This game belongs to the cooking genre combined with restaurant service. But it has differences from games of the same genre. You have to serve many different dishes according to each customer's menu.


Cooking Live game has beautiful 3D graphics. The foods are simulated very vividly. You'll see your wonderful dishes once they're done cooking.

How to play Cooking Live

This game has a simple gameplay and comes with specific instructions for you. You need to play this game with left click and drag and drop.

The dishes you need are very diverse and rich in ingredients. Your store already has all the ingredients to complete a dish. What you need is to process them.

Some of the restaurant's dishes include: Fried eggs, tomato salad, sandwiches,... Along with orange juice. When making these dishes. You need to pay attention to the time. When the doneness bar is fully displayed, immediately put the food on a plate. Because if left longer, the food will burn.

More and more customers come to your stall. So you cannot afford to delay any customer portion if you make the wrong food. You can put them in the trash and start again. However, this is a waste of materials and your time. So you should concentrate when preparing food for customers.

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