Cotton Candy Games for Girls

About Cotton Candy Games for Girls

If you love colorful cotton candy then play Cotton Candy Games for Girls. In this game, you can freely create your own whipped cream. Start playing now!

Game genre

The Cotton Candy Games for Girls game belongs to the cooking game genre. This game is suitable for those who love whipped cream. You can create your own colorful whipped cream.

Game graphics

Cotton Candy Games for Girls game has colorful graphics. There are many types of syrups, ice cream wraps, and decorations for you to choose from.

The process of creating a whipped cream

First you can choose the shape for your whipped cream. Types of shapes include round, star, heart, and gourd.

Then you can choose the pattern on the ice cream stick. There are a total of 12 colorful ice cream sticks for you to choose from.

Next, you choose the type of syrup to make ice cream. Syrups are very diverse in flavor and color. Some types to mention include Berry, lemon, magic, banana, grape, chocolate, vanilla, orange, apple, and cherry.

The next step is to pour Sirro into the ice cream maker and start the machine. Once the ice cream machine is running, you use your ice cream kettle to perform the whipping cream operation.

After you're done, move on to the ice cream decoration step.

In decorating whipped cream, you can add sweets, fruits, and flowers. After finishing decorating, you can wrap the whipped cream.

You can choose the type of wrapping bag and bow, stickers, and backgrounds to take photos of your beautiful whipped cream.

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